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Make an Impact with Social Media
December 2, 2016
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Grow Your Brand

The size and speed of social media can be overwhelming for companies, especially for those with key staff who don’t use social media on an individual level. Many brands begin with a ‘scatter gun’ approach-if they blast their message out there it will miraculously land among their targeted audience like a ‘magic bean’ which will grow overnight into business success.

The research continues to prove social media’s effectiveness for growing companies. According to the Twitter Small Business Blog, 85% of Twitter users felt more connected to a brand after they followed it on Twitter. However, the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report  found that 91% of the 3700 marketers surveyed are still unsure of how best to engage their audience with social media.

Some Tips to Get You Going

1. It’s all about Human Connection.

Remember that every social media platform was created for human relationships. You can have the coolest piece of technology or the most beautiful photo, but if it doesn’t connect to your audience, it will fail. Know your audience and what they connect with and create your strategy around that.

2. Do Your Research

Who are is your target audience and which platforms are they hanging out on? Also, where are your competitors? Take the time to determine what social media sites you need to be on and assess if you have the resources to feed it with great content that will engage your followers. After you do this initial homework, come up with your strategy  those sites.

3. Be Authentic

Never lose focus of what your brand personality is and mirror this on your social channels. Be social- remember it is not a broadcast medium, but a platform in which you should be engaging with in a two way  conversation, replying to customers and being responsive to their comments and requests.

4. Build Your Brand Loyalty Over Time

It’s tempting to push your message out quickly and hope you grow a magic beanstalk which you can climb up and view your followers from the top. But it’s all about connection, we should see social media as a relationship. What do you do with friends? You spend time with them, you talk to them, you invest in them. In the same way, you can talk to and invest in your followers. It is this which builds brand loyalty. Favorite their tweets, join in their conversations, retweet them, make them feel known and heard.
Developing this kind of relationship will be the most powerful asset to your brand.

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