Incorporating Valentine’s Day into Your Social Media Strategy

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December 2, 2016
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November 27, 2017
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Incorporating Valentine’s Day into Your Social Media Strategy

Are you Leveraging Valentine’s Day to Grow Your Business?

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and whether you are the romantic type or not, you should seize the opportunity to create a buzz and attract interest to your business via your social media channels. So how do you go about incorporating Valentine’s into your social media strategy? Social media success is about being creative and Valentine’s Day really gives you an opportunity to unleash your creative side.
Run a Competition or Promotion
A giveaway is a always a sure winner.  By asking people to like and share your post, or RT and follow, you can build your following in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Make the most of organic reach and ask people to like and share the post and tag who they would share the prize with. Or run a competition to collect email addresses. If you have a niche business, embrace it and use a romantic slant.
Have your Followers Take a Poll
You are a ladies clothing store, ask your followers ‘this Valentines would you choose outfit A or outfit B for your date?’ You are a Bakery Store, ‘which cake filling would you send your love? Chocolate, vanilla or red velvet?’ Getting feedback from customers on your products is so important because it provides us with insight as to how to improve business, products and/or the overall customer experience.
Send a Valentine’s Themed Email Campaign
Let your customers know that you appreciate them! Or send a Valentine’s themed menu, or offer. Whatever the topic of your email campaign, make sure to add romantic themed emojis in the subject line, and make sure the subject line stands out.
Sharing Blogs, News Articles and Valentine’s Quotes
Social media success is about being creative. Share love quotes, poems and inspiration, blog and articles and make sure that they are shareable for your audience so that they can pass them on to their friends and loved ones.
Update Your Social Media Page Headers and Logo
Seasonal events deserve a new banner! Remember when updating your Facebook banner every one of your fans will be served the update in their newsfeed, so take the opportunity to be creative with a Valentine’s themed image, but always keeping within your brand guidelines.
Create a Valentine’s Hashtag
Creating your own hashtag allows you to really track engagement. Make it unique so that people know it’s yours but remember to keep it short so that it doesn’t take up too many characters.
Be Humorous
Not everyone likes Valentine’s Day and for some the anti Valentine’s approach is appealing and funny!
Remember that for every holiday, social media plays a role and is a way for you to leverage your business. Plan ahead now and arrange your content so that you can start the conversation early. Create a strategy and decide what you want to achieve with your campaign and plan your content around it. Measurement is key to understanding whether or not you’ve achieved your goal. Compare your analytics to your activity so that you can figure out what worked and what didn’t.
 Happy Valentine’s!
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